Welcome to the Wild

The Institute for Wilderness and Wild Technologies investigates aesthetics of nature in science, arts and popular culture as a comprehensive cultural practice related to technological innovation.

The Institute for Wilderness and Wild Technologies was founded in 2012 by Felix Sattler and Alexander Lembke as part of their research and teaching at the Bauhaus-University’s Media Arts & Design programme. Since then, we have developed a wide range of public formats of contemporary aesthetic practice. Exhibitions, expeditions to natural environments, public gatherings of practicioners & experts as well as publications are all part of our past, present and future ventures.

Research areas:

• Public identities of explorers: Expedition narratives, gender-stereotypes
• Topological and symbolic qualities of real and virtual landscapes
• Architecture & cultural history of cabins and temporary shelters (“Camera Obscura” project).
• Aesthetic epistemology: Collection and display strategies in museums of natural history
• Imaging/imagining the arctic and climate change